About Us


What do we do?

The Croydon stall at Brighton PrideHere's a list of some of the things Aurora had achieved by its fifth birthday on May 2008. We've taken stands or marched in Brighton Pride to tell people what we do.

We are working to represent LGBT issues to the Croydon Community Police Consultative Group (CCPCG). See details of the CCPCG and its forthcoming business.

Our leaflet gives more information about Aurora.

Aurora's Aims

See Aims and Objectives.

Aurora's constitution

Our current Constitution and Detailed Procedures were adopted in April 2009. - And for completeness, here are the previous governing documents.


Where our money comes from.

Aurora's Working Parties

The Cruising Working Party was set up to deal with current issues in cruising in Croydon. The Aurora Main Meeting on 15 March 2009 decided that this Working Party should no longer be part of Aurora.

The Transgender Working Party deals with TV, TS and intersex issues. The Transgender Working Party got the 'Which Loo?' material endorsed by Scotland Yard, and has worked on the Kellie Telesford murder inquiry.


An account of Aurora from March 2003.

There's an article about Aurora on the LGBT Archive wiki:

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