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Cab Safety



We've had enough horror stories about cab journeys. Here's some practical commonsense.

  • If you use a taxi service on a regular basis, keep the number handy and use the same safe firm each time.
  • Always arrange the taxi in advance.
  • Ask if they have women drivers if you are a lone woman or in a group of women.
  • Give your name and address when ordering and ask them who they are collecting when they arrive. This way you know that it is the ride you expected.
  • If alone or last out, sit directly behind the driver.
  • When arriving home in a taxi, consider asking the driver to wait until you are in the house, they shouldn't mind.
  • If you do not know the taxi personally always check to ensure that it is bona fide taxi. Check both the plate on rear of the vehicle and the identification card carried by the driver. If in doubt, do not get into the vehicle.
  • Beware of unlicensed taxi touts who may ply for hire at busy nightspots – this is illegal.
  • When booking a cab ask the company for the drivers name, call-sign and type of car used. Check with the driver before getting in.
  • Do not give personal information to the driver.
  • Have the money ready when arriving at destination.
  • Have your door keys in your pocket so can enter home quickly.
  • If you feel uneasy with the driver, ask to stop at a busy, familiar place where there are plenty of people and get out.
  • Share a taxi with a friend or colleague.

Text CAB to 60835 to get the numbers of one taxi and two licensed minicab firms, in the area you are texting from. Texts cost 35p per enquiry plus the standard text messaging cost.

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