The Aurora School Bullying Project


The case for funding this project

The logo of Awards for All says Lottery Funded, Lottery Grants for Local GroupsAurora applied for Lottery Funding from Awards for All because it specialises in "Lottery Grants for Local Groups" and for new, small groups in particular.

The documents linked from this page were additional information given in support of the case for this project in Croydon.

Items from the Croydon Guardian that affected public concern on school bullying and on the bullying of LGBT students in particular:

Two child victims were commemorated in Aurora's IDAHO ceremony: Darren Steel and Amy Vickers

A mother writes to Aurora about her son

Croydon's Director of Education and a worker with LGBT youth in Croydon write.

Nationwide concern over bullying and the government's anti-bullying drive.

Child Line report causes national concern for LGBT bullying.

Libby Purves speaks on BBC radio.

Stonewall, the LGB lobby group, provides narratives of LGBT bullying:

  1. Michael 16
  2. Holly 17
  3. Tim, now 21
  4. Jane, Philip's mum
  5. Tony Green, Teacher.


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