Aurora at Brighton Pride



The Croydon stall at Brighton Pride

We promoted Aurora at Brighton Pride in August 2006 (and again in August 2007).


Because we are a very small group of people, and we need people to join us.

Our leaflets said:

Here are some things we’ve done in the last six meetings:

  • The Met Police endorsed AURORA’s guidelines for transsexual people on the "Which Loo?" issue. This was a "first", and it was reported in local and national press.
  • We supported many Christian groups in quietly writing to Chief Constables thanking them for allowing police to march in uniform in Pride. We said that it shows the Police were concerned to protect all sections of the community. Christian Voice had lobbied hard against this policy.
  • We’ve heard of the deportation of genuine lesbian and gay asylum seekers and we’re advertising the UK lesbian and gay asylum helpline number to asylum seekers, to help them get the right legal advice and help keep them free from criminal exploitation.
  • We speak with gay Muslims and we’ve added forced marriage to the website.
  • We’ve got the procedure for gay men to remove themselves from the sex offenders’ register, if they were convicted only of consenting sex between adults. It’s on the website.
  • Some of our Transgender Working Party are working with TransPol-UK on a project to take a preventative approach to safety issues for transgendered people.

Please come along and join us:


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