Aurora needs your input.

We're speaking to LGBT Muslim and LGBT Christian people, because we believe there are specific policing issues that are important to them in Croydon.

And we'd like LGBT people to contribute, whatever their faith. (See Contact Us.)

Letter to police forces

In August 2005, Aurora signed up to the letter to all UK police forces. The letter was proposed in response to the opposition that many Police forces had experienced, to allowing their officers to march, in uniform, in the Gay Pride Parade. The opposition came from a small number of 'Christian' groups. Sometimes this criticism has been extreme, and we know that it has taken a lot of hard work to get nearly all of our 40 Police forces to agree to this.

Click here to see the letter.

Forced Marriage

Forced marriage is often thought to be a faith issue. It is not. It is found in several very different faiths and the government sees it as cultural not religious.

You are free to marry the person you choose - and free not to marry. The government's Forced Marriage Unit has very secure, confidential ways to prevent you being married against your will. These extend into other countries. See the page on Forced Marriage.

Some Links

Imaan: Muslim LGBT people, family, friends, and those questioning their sexuality or gender:

Safra, lbt women's Muslim support group

Jewish Lesbian and Gay:,uk

Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement – a starting point for links to many other Christian organisations There are countless gay-friendly Christian organisations, Churches, and denominations. Start from this website to find many others.

Sybils – Christian Transgendered Spirituality Group:

MCC the Metropolitan Community Church has always welcomed LGBT people. MCC Worldwide

Lesbians Exploring Faith Together (LEFT):

Please e-mail if any of these links fails.

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