Some issues

Intersex is one of the 'transgender' areas of 'LGB T'. There are some known issues concerning Intersex and policing.

Some doctors decide to alter the genitalia of small babies to suit their own cultural expectation of gender stereotype, or the expectations of the parents. Although the situation is improving, this is still sometimes treated as a matter for clinical judgement rather than a offence under the Female Genital Mutilation Act. Police are often very active about other crimes against children in our local hospitals, and we can try to press for a considered policy on this one.

The Police National Computer still does not recognise an intersex gender category. Most intersex people, identify as either male or female but not everyone does, and there is every reason to respect the gender identity of people who do not.

To comment on these matters, or raise other issues of concern, why not Contact Us?

Some links

Klinefelter Syndrome - a support group.

One account of what intersex is, from the Intersex Society of North America.


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