Aurora main meetings

Aurora main meetings are held every other month, normally January, March, May, July, September and November. The November meeting is normally the AGM. Each meeting decides the date of the next meeting, and sets a provisional date for the meeting after that.

Meetings are open to Croydon LGBT people (see clause 4 of the Constitution) and generally follow a standard format (see below).

Croydon Town HallThe venue for all Aurora meetings is normally a committee room in Croydon Town Hall (picture from Wikimedia Commons):

Croydon Town Hall
Katharine Street

The building is wheel-chair accessible via the Clocktower arts centre; please contact Croydon Council for details.

Members often gather informally at the Spread Eagle after the meetings.

For more information e-mail or see Contact Us.

Next meetings

For the dates of the next two meetings see our Home Page.

Meeting format

Welcome and introductions

The meeting agrees who is to be in the chair, and who is to take the minutes.

If there are new people present, everyone will normally be asked to introduce themselves, but there is no obligation on anyone to reveal their real name if they do not wish to. A list may be circulated for people to sign confirming that they agree to the aims and values of Aurora, and thereby become members of Aurora. Note that if you wish you may become a member under a pseudonym. There may be apologies from people unable to attend.

Minutes of last meeting

The written account of the last meeting (the ‘Minutes’) will already have been published. There is an opportunity to correct any mistakes in the minutes, and discuss any matters arising out of them.


Normally the Police will inform community members about relevant incidents and developments in their work, and members will report back on anything they have done in connection with Aurora since the last meeting.

Other items

There may be a discussion of other matters relevant to policing in Croydon, and plans for future action.


The meeting will be closed, having agreed the date and place of the next meeting and the provisional date of the following one.

A meeting will last no more than two hours, and often less.


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