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1. Aurora is a consultation group on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (lgbt) issues in policing in the London Borough of Croydon.

2. Aims: Aurora’s Aims are defined in the document appended.

3. Values: The Values of Aurora are to be respectful of all people; to be listening; to be caring and to maintain confidentiality. Aurora is politically neutral and independent of religious affiliation.

4. Membership:

All lgbt people who have an interest in Croydon and who share Aurora’s Aims and Values are invited to take part. Those who take part are known as ‘Members’ of Aurora.
Aurora will work to involve a cross-section of Croydon lgbt people representative by age, gender, ethnicity, faith or belief, disability and all other relevant criteria.

The Borough Commander will appoint Police officers to be Members.

Aurora may, exceptionally, invite or co-opt others to be Members.

Everyone who becomes a member must accept the Aims and Values of Aurora.

5. Meetings: Aurora’s main meetings will be held every two months. All Members may attend and may raise issues. Substantial contributions should be published at least a week before the meeting.

6. Annual General Meeting: The main meeting that falls on or after 1st November each year will be the AGM.

7. Elections: Community officers will be elected at the AGM according to Standing Orders.

8. Standing Orders: Standing Orders govern Aurora’s more detailed procedures. Standing Orders may be amended if the same amendment is published, debated and agreed by two successive main meetings.

9. Officers:

Police Representative

(The police may substitute another Representative if necessary, without consulting Aurora.)

Community Representative

Community Deputy Representative


If required, a Treasurer and/or a Financial Examiner

10. Police Representative and Community Representative: Representatives are responsible for police Administration and community Administration respectively. They will delegate these responsibilities. Both Representatives together are responsible for modifying and approving the agenda for the next main meeting and for chairing alternate meetings. They have discretion to make any urgent decision between meetings on Aurora’s behalf, having consulted with Members as far as practicable.

11. The Community Deputy Representative takes the role of Community Representative in all respects, when the Community Representative is unavailable. He or she has no role at other times. If the community or the police cannot provide a Representative, then the other may act for both.

12. Administration: Those responsible for police Administration and community Administration will prepare agendas, minutes and documents relevant to the main meetings, and perform other duties according to Standing Orders.

13. Communication: Aurora maintains means of communication used for debate, for consultation, to publish information and to promote Aurora. They include e-lists, postal mailing lists and the website and are governed by Standing Orders.

14. Treasurer and Financial Examiner: If Aurora holds funds of its own it will promptly elect a Treasurer to administer the funds and to report to the main meetings as required. Aurora may appoint an Auditor or Financial Examiner to audit or examine the accounts.

15. Working Parties: Aurora may delegate specific business to Working Parties.

16. Confidentiality: Exceptional measures to maintain confidentiality may be required at certain times. These measures will override other provisions in the Procedures at the discretion of the Representatives.

17. Dissolution: Aurora may dissolve itself if the same motion for dissolution is passed by two consecutive main meetings, having been published at least 28 days before each meeting, and having been debated and passed by a two-thirds majority vote at both meetings. If Aurora has funds, the motion must specify how those funds will be disbursed for aims similar to those of Aurora.

18. Amending the Aims and Procedures: The Aims and Procedures will be reviewed each AGM. Amendments to the Aims and Procedures will take effect if the same wording is debated and agreed by two thirds of Members present at two consecutive Aurora main meetings.

Item 1 was updated 11-09-2006. 'Focus Group' became 'Consultation Group'.


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