The Aurora School Bullying Project


Letter from a mother

In 2007 a mother from Croydon wrote to Aurora saying:

"I have a 9 year old son who has experienced homophobic bullying himself at both his school and his after school club, just because he likes 'girly' things. So, as you can imagine, this is an issue I feel very strongly about.

"If my son was experiencing racial abuse in school, this would be dealt with in a very different manner. It seems to me that schools and other child care providers think that just because it’s homophobic bullying, it's not as bad as other types of bullying, such as racial abuse.

"Much more needs to be done by schools to tackle this - Stonewall have stated on their website that schools should record all incidents of homophobic bullying in the same way they are expected to record incidents involving racial harassment/other types of abuse. I couldn't agree more."







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