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Chrysalis logoMaterial on Chrysalis, from the Chrysalis website in 2006 and included in the grant application to Awards for All:

About Chrysalis


Making lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people visible.

Tackling Homo/transphobia.


Staff need to be aware of the effects of homo/transphobia on:

  • All pupils
  • All staff
  • All parents
  • All governors.


  • LGBT pupils
  • LGBT staff
  • LGBT parents
  • LGBT governors.

Our inset training will:

  • Raise awareness of the issues of LGBT people
  • Inform staff of their legal duties tackling homo/transphobia
  • Inform staff of the reality and effects of homo/transphobia on LGBT young people
  • Introduce methods of dealing with the derogatory use of "gay" and slang terms for lesbians and gays
  • Enable staff to appropriately deal with students, staff and parents coming out
  • Enable staff to be inclusive of appropriate LGBT people and issues in their curriculum
  • Enable SLG to produce effective policies and practices that meet with the requirements of the Children Act 1989; the DfEE Draft Sex and Relationship Guidance, 2000; the Local Government Act, 2000; the Learning and Skills Act, 2000; the Sexual Orientation Discrimination Regulations, 2003, as they apply to LGBT people.

We prefer to work with all members of staff: teachers, governors, admin, support, welfare, catering and maintenance staff as bullying occurs in many places in the school and a confident, consistent approach is vital in tackling all forms of bullying especially homo/transphobia.

The session comprises: factual input, an experiential exercise, and the use of case studies to explore good practice.

Ideally the course will run as a full half day session.



We can help negotiate your equal opportunity and anti bullying policies so that they will support and enable good practice. See our websitefor model policies endorsed by all the teaching unions.

Classroom Workshops

Pupils need to be aware of the effect of prejudice, stereotyping and negative discrimination.
Pupils need to be enabled to understand the effects of their behaviour and their responsibility in preventing all forms of bullying including homo/transphobia.

The workshop comprises: an exploration of hate crime in general and homo/transphobia in particular utilising the Allport’s model of discrimination and the story of Darren Steele; along with stories of success of young people tackling homophobic bullying school, with written work of various kinds from simple multiple choice to letters, essays and plays.

The lesson can be delivered to pupils from year 7-13. It will be adjusted according to age of pupils. The minimum time is an hour and we can work effectively with secondary pupils for 2 hours.


We are skilled at supporting the organisation of anti homo/transphobic conferences. These can be borough wide or a cluster of schools. We can provide keynote speakers and workshop/seminar leaders/facilitators. All our trainers are very experienced teachers and/or youth workers. Sue Sanders was one of the panel members at the recent DFES conferences launching their anti bullying charter. School’s OUT was a major participant at all nine.

Our experience has taught us that it is wise to provide inset for all staff initially to enable a confident and knowledgeable approach that can deal with the issues effectively and consistently before any new work is done with pupils.


This will depend upon the range of work you require from us.

There are various channels that might support your funding:

  • The police
  • Your local Education Authority;
  • The Community Safety Department of your local council.

Among others, Chrysalis works with:

  • The Police
  • The Crown Prosecution Service
  • Department of Constitutional Affairs
  • Department of Trade and Industry
  • Department for Education and S
  • Local Authorities (various)
  • Unions (inc. NUT, NASUT, NAPO, TUC)
  • Victim Support
  • BBC
  • Schools (managers, staff, teachers & governors)
  • Youth groups
  • Voluntary Organisations (including Angel Drug Project, Deptford Centre, Newham Alcohol Advisory Centre, Various Residential Homes for the Elderly, L.A.G.E.R., Drug Advisory Service Haringey, T.S.B. Bank, Inform-Al, English National Opera, Brent Social Services, Southwark Group of Tenants’ Organisations, Sutton Women's Centre, Leicester University School of Social Work, West London Women's Centre, Deptford Women's Centre, The London Lesbian and Gay Centre, The Albany Community Centre, Women in Manual Trades).

We frequently are keynote speakers and or workshop facilitators at conferences on diversity and LGBT issues.

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