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The Aurora School Bullying Project


The logo of Awards for AllIn 2005 Aurora considered tackling the bullying of LGBT pupils in our schools. Awards for All seemed most likely to fund such a project, but it would only fund work that was new.

The logo of ChrysalisSue Sanders' agency Chrysalis had specialised in this work in Croydon before. She managed to come up with a new approach, that addressed the bullying of all students, and was based on the requirements that recent government legislation had placed on schools.

Aurora applied for funds to get the project into some four schools over 2007-08, affecting just over 3000 students. We did rather better than this with presentations to staff from several other schools and running the full project in schools affecting over 4000 pupils.

The case for funding this project

The case to fund this project was made in a grant application to Awards for All.

For full details see the School Bullying Project Application. together with the supporting documents, which quote instances of local school bullying and instances of the bullying of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender pupils. They give grounds for asserting national and local concern over the issue, and local opinion in support of the project.

The results of the project

The results of the project are summarised in the End of Project Report and in Aurora's Press Release.

See also the Teachers' assessments: the project presented worshops to staff in schools in 2007-8. What did the staff think of the workshops?

Background on Sue Sanders and Chrysalis

Background information on Chrysalis, the agency that Aurora had asked to deliver the project, and on Sue Sanders, the consultant who developed the project, promoted it to schools, adapted the project to each school and presented the workshops to school staff.


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