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What about YOU?

Currently we don't have any young lesbians or gay guys taking part in Aurora, not one transsexual, intersex or transgendered teenager.

You and your friends could be the first to come along. It's hard to find out how policing affects you - what should be done, improved or introduced.

Please Contact Us to have your say.

We need lots of your opinion - how should the police be working with you or for you?

Logo for The Bridge

In summer 2009, The Bridge was launched, for lesbian, bi and gay teenagers in Croydon. See the Youth Links page, or e-mail or phone 07540 722171.

Young and LGBT? The YouTube video "It Gets Better” is for YOU.

The Top Tenners for being healthily queer

Value Yourself

Queer is very cool. So is questioning your sexuality. Also know how homophobia and a straight world affects you.

Take one step at a time

Don't rush things, make too many decisions - take things at your own pace.

Hold on to your hopes and dreams

Think about what's important, but give yourself options. Plan for what you want.

Watch your stress

Learn how to deal with stress and hassles in life

Look after your body - get enough sleep, good food and exercise

Life needs a lot of energy, so balance things, check the booze and watch that partying.

Talk to someone you trust

Share things. Contact good friends. Helplines and the Net can help too!

Be creative

Do something creative. It's great for your body and your mind.

Become involved

Get involved in something you like or believe in. Use your young voice and participate.

Don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it

Everybody needs help at times. It's OK to ask for help from people you trust and especially professional help if you need it.

Relax/chill out

Chill-out and relax often.

(From London's LGBT youth guide that used to be on

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