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Black and Minority Ethnic


Croydon has some large black-minority-ethnic communities, and we are aware of specific policing issues for lgbt people from BME communities.

Among some BME communities there's a strong sense that their people cannot be gay, they are making a 'choice' that is immoral and typical of whites. This can lead to more extreme abuse, both verbal and physical than in other communities.

Gay Christians from BME churches can be ostracised, and their faith and sincerity denied. But they can also be treated in ways that can cross over into law-breaking. In some cases gay people have been pressurised into marrying.

It's much harder for many people from these communities to come out as gay or to meet with other lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgendered people. This can lead to deep isolation and depression. This affects young people very strongly.

In 2006 the government launched the Forced Marriage Unit to address forced marriage.

In 2003 we wrote to Scotland Yard's diversity unit, DCC4, expressing our concern over rap singers who incited the murder of gay people, and suggesting a way forward. The following year gay organisations across the world put pressure on venues and music distributors to stop them from repeating this murder music. (Until 2006 the agreements were maintained almost completely.)

There are several more positive steps Aurora can take. But there are too few of us. We need lgbt people from these communities to Contact Us and help us get started.

Useful links

The NAZ Project (NPL) provides sexual health and support services to targeted BME communities in London www.naz.org.uk

Croydon's LGBT programme for Black History Month 2010: www.lgbt-croydon.org.uk/blackhm.

African Gay Christians e-group for African and other gay Christians: africangaychristians@yahoogroups.com

The Black Lesbian and Gay Christian Fellowship: e-mail blgcf@f2s.com

UK Black Pride: www.ukblackpride.org.uk

Safra LBT women's Muslim support group: www.safraproject.org

Trikone Magazine for LGBT Asian people www.trikone.org

Imaan for Muslim LGBT people, family, friends, and those questioning their sexuality or gender: www.imaan.org.uk


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