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Aurora would very much like more input from local lesbians.

Aurora has always known of local hate incidents and hate crimes that arise just because lesbian couples tend to be recognisable and are easy to target. Lesbian parents are often easier to identify and therefore easier to target. Sometime the initial incident is followed by persistent, pointed awkwardness to make a couple thoroughly unwelcome and miserable.

If you can't easily get to meetings, you can still join the e-group, speak to a community member of Aurora, e-mail or write in anonymously.

Please see the Contact Us page (from the link at the top of this page).

Some links

Kenric - National group for lesbians www.kenric.org.uk

Gingerbeer - The Lesbian Guide to London www.gingerbeer.co.uk and boards.gingerbeer.co.uk

Albert Kennedy Trust - for homeless young lesbian people. www.akt.org.uk Danny Jacobs: 020 7831 6562

Safra a resource project for LBT women who identify as Muslim either culturally or religiously www.safraproject.org

The Older Lesbian Network c/o VAC, 295-299 Kentish Town Road, LONDON
NW5 2TJ tel: 07504 6310938 Web: http://www.olderlesbiannetwork.btck.co.uk/

South London Women, a lesbian social group, various activities and monthly meetings: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/southlondonwomen/

See LGBT Youth Links, Asian Links, Faith Links etc.

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