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General Introduction to Aurora

Aurora was set up to be a body for consultation between two parties: the local police division and the LGBT people of Croydon (following the requirements of the Crime and Disorder Act and subsequent secondary legislation).

Both parties have a Representative*. (The Community Representative may act only in consultation with Community Members. The police decide how they instruct their Representative.) The Procedures define a hybrid between co-chairs and alternate chairs.

Both parties have a Deputy Representative and there should be a separate Administrator for each. Separate administrative tasks are required (because e.g. Community Members can attend anonymously, so the Police Administrator can’t record the names of those attending meetings.)

Other posts include a Treasurer (elected) and we have a webmaster and e-group administrators (unelected). These can, in principle, be taken by either police or community members. The Working Parties are the Publicity Working Party, the Use of the Internet Working Party, the Procedures Working Party and the Transgender Working Party.

The Borough Commander appoints the Police Representative.

* Words in blue refer to terms that are defined in Aurora's Procedures or Standing Orders


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